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Jean Webb Pointing Dog Training

                    740-477-1561  Where Dual Dreams Come True


Generations of talent, temperament and trainability. Gordon Setters, Irish Setters and now Irish Red and White Setters.

Field Trials

Dedicated to the Dual Dog. Talent must be bred into the dogs and titles prove the breeding. Walking field trials combine competition with field work.

Personal Hunting Dogs.

Keeping hunting talent in the sporting dog. Train-ability is the willing hunting partner.

Rob and I have been field trailing for years. We started by running the local field trials. We decided that the dogs loved the hunting more than anything else. As time went on we decided driving to train the dogs was getting old so we bought a farm south of Columbus Ohio. It has three different sized fields, wood ravines and the Big Darby River. I can work dogs in the wide-open flats, tree lines or get them to follow me through the woods. It has been a great place for teaching gun dogs.

I quickly picked up a reputation for “fixing” difficult dogs, several whom later became dual champions. My philosophy is to evaluate the dog and train them or un-train according to their individual needs. Not all dogs are field trial champions or master hunters but I will see what they are capable of achieving. I will give you an honest appraisal.

The kennels are heated and they have large outdoor runs with a chain link cover. The dogs who like sleeping in a crate are crated at night. I will adjust to the welfare needs of the dogs.

Contact us at 740-477-1561. Remember I am outside training dogs, call after sunset. I am not sitting at the computer.