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Jean Webb Pointing Dog Training

                    740-477-1561  Where Dual Dreams Come True

DC Mythodical's Notorious Rory Camble SH

FC Mythodical's Hail to Gandalf MH

Birdee, Jnek Crimson's Taking Flight

AKC Field Trials

AKC Gun Dog and Limited Gun Dog Stakes Standards of Performance.

The Gun Dog must give a finished performance and must be under its handler’s control at all times. It must handle kindly, with a minimum of noise and hacking by the handler. A Gun Dog must show a keen desire to hunt, must have a bold and attractive style of running, and must demonstrate not only intelligence in quartering and in seeking objectives but also the ability to find game. The dog must hunt for its handler at all times at a suitable Gun Dog range, and should show or check in front of its handler frequently. It must cover adequate ground but never range out of sight for a length of time that would detract from its usefulness as a practical hunting dog. The dog must locate game, must point staunchly, and must be steady to wing and shot. Intelligent use of the wind and terrain in locating game, accurate nose, and style

and intensity on point, are essential.

*Walking Handler Gun Dog range—In Walking Gun Dog Stakes, the dog’s range should be suitable for the walking handler. Horseback Handler Gun Dog range—In Horseback Handling Gun Dog Stakes,

the dog’s range should be suitable for a horse back mounted handler taking into consideration the cover and terrain.

A dog that does not point cannot be placed. A dog should not be called back to point after the running of its brace except under the most extreme and unusual circumstances. (30 to 60 minutes) (American Kennel Club description.)

Making Dual Dreams Come True

We are dedicated to the development and campaigning of the Dual dog.

Family and hunting companions bred for excellent temperament.

Hip dysplasia screened breeding stock.

Generations of proven talent, temperament and trainability.